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That's me!☝☝

Hi! I am Kelly. The Kelly behind KellyMade. Born and raised an east coaster, I now reside in the west. Beautiful Marina del Rey to be exact.

I have been a serial crafter from the start. From gimp and friendship bracelets to crochet and sewing I have tried and loved them all for a time. When I started playing around with resin and glitter tho... I knew I had found my soulmate craft. <3 It was 3 years of learning, growing and perfecting my style before I even tried my first craft show. Now I am hooked!

I mean my resin earrings are fun and sparkly and super light-weight even if you go for the big designs like California or the beautiful Afro ladies. By the nature of the materials each pair of earrings is one-of-a-kind and made to order just for you. (Some designs I have in stock for faster shipping. Please check the listing or inbox me with any questions)

My goal is to add a little sparkle to everyone's lobes and life. Do you have a design in mind that would look great in glitter? Let me know. Some of my favorite designs have started out as custom orders.

Every new sale here on my site or at a show is so amazing! Knowing that things I've made with my own two little hands are being enjoyed and making people smile all over the world is humbling and wonderful:) Thank you for giving me that opportunity. I am so grateful!

Comments, want to know where I will be next or just want to say hi? You can reach me in any of the following ways:
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Email me at
Follow me on IG at @itskellymade
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